Life is a Marathon

Life is a Marathon, not a sprint.


I’ve Really Fallen Off. Here’s an Update

I will get back to blogging. I am serious about this idea of 5/week. Here’s what’s been up: Gender of Baby: It’s a Girl We found out that our baby is a girl! We will name her Eisley Ruth, which means Cheerful Companion. Name meanings have always been important to Alyssa and I. Ruth is […]

How do You All Plan a Day?

“I am pretty productive and get a good amount out of each day.” I feel that way until I read an article or a book on productivity and hear people say stuff that makes me wonder why I never thought of it. One article said that checking your email only twice a day and otherwise […]


My good friend Jason Fitch wrote about friendships this morning. It is really quite good and you should read it. It also got me thinking about the topic. I continued to think about the topic as i wrote my youth message this week on, you guessed it, friendships. The people we surround ourselves with have such […]

What’s the Rush?

Alyssa and I saw the new live action Beauty and the Best this past Friday. It really was incredibly well done and even filled in some plot holes from the original. What always surprises me about movies, though, is how much of a rush everyone seems to be in. The second the credits roll, everyone […]

Girl Scout Cookies Round 2

CONTROVERSY has struck the bracket. This will necessitate some play in games to rectify the situation. But FIRST, The Results 1: Thin Mints® vs 8: Girl Scout S’mores™  Winner: 1: Thin Mints® 4: Do-si-dos / Peanut Butter Sandwich® vs 5: Trefoils® Winner: 5: Trefoils® IN AN UPSET! 3: Samoas® vs 6: Savannah Smiles® Winner: 3: Samoas®  2: Tagalongs® vs […]