Twenty Years

I have always wanted to blog more. I have set out to do it several times before. First, when I was 19, I decided that the world needed to know all the things I knew about ministry. As you might imagine, I didn’t have many post and (to be honest) I was writing primarily to impress the pastors at the church where I volunteered. I have posted periodically to this blog over the past 8 years but could never get over the feeling that I wasn’t really saying anything.

After this, I had my second idea: What if I did book reviews? This was a fantastic idea because I could tweet them to the authors, get a RT, and then be in BUSINESS. I might even get a free book or two. Unfortunately, this didn’t really work out either. I am not a fast reader, so my best hope was that I would churn out one post a month. I think i did exactly one review.

Thus, this is my third attempt, but it is different. This time, I am going to document instead of create. I am going to tell the story of my day to day life. It will be mostly mundane, but my hope is that the breadth of content will be more fascinating in the long run than anything I could produce depth-wise. My plan is to take 15 minutes a day (Mon-Fri) and write. I am writing so that my daughter and future child have a living record of the life we have lived in the midst of raising them. I am honestly excited that Ellie and her sibling will one day read these very words. I am also writing for me. I think that taking some time to process and set goals while publishing those things will be helpful to me.

I’d like to invite you along. You can follow this process by using any of the social buttons at the top of the page. If you want to be really nice, click the follow button in the bottom right hand corner to get an email every time I write a post


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