Time Change #Resist

This past Sunday, for no legitimate reason, 2 AM became 3 AM.

This morning I discussed it with one of our office administrators:

“You might think I’m late, but I don’t celebrate DST. Please respect my beliefs.”

“(Laughs) So you are adjusting your hours?”

“No. You all did, though.”

This led to me imagining a person who protests DST and refuses to cooperate. It also led me to thinking about just how silly DST is. It is truly the premise for a bad episode of the Twilight Zone. One guy wakes up using a normal alarm clock but the rest of the world had the time changed on their phones. He goes around screaming things like “I’M ON TIME! IT IS ALL OF YOU WHO ARE WRONG!” Slowly this guy goes crazy and is institutionalized. Just as he begins to believe that he was actually wrong, he checks into his room to find……another clock that reads an hour earlier.


Anyway, it has been a struggle for me to adjust to my new sleeping schedule. I slept for maybe 2 hours on Sunday. I find that I have an easier time getting up earlier in the summer, so here’s to hoping that I transition from being a Gym Donor to a Gym Member.

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