Deoderant and Youth Min (together at last) 

A couple of years ago, I tried Tom’s Deoderant because I read an article about antiperspirant deoderant and became convinced that I was melting my brain. If you have used this deodorant, you know what happened. It didn’t work and, within a week, I was back to using Degree Antiperspirant. I will never try Tom’s again. No amount of targeted advertising will flip me.

I share this little anecdote because it illustrates something that is almost always true about student ministry:

An important way to get students to come to your events and services is to foster environments that students enjoy.

Not Facebook ads. Not Snapchat. Not a great Instagram account. Simply creating environments that our fun while legitimately loving and caring about students IS the secret sauce. Of course invitation and reaching out is important, but keeping students is always easier than getting them there for the first time.

Now, while I have no problem writing this, I struggle to do it. I often ask “how can I get more kids to come?” instead of “how can I make this thing better for the students?” But they are both so important and I need to be sure that I am always asking how I can do better.

So today, on a day where most of us have youth church (we are cancelling for weather), look around and ask yourself “how can I make this thing better?” Make the most fun, engaging, and loving Biblical community you can.

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