Girl Scout Cookies Round 2

CONTROVERSY has struck the bracket. This will necessitate some play in games to rectify the situation. But FIRST,

The Results

1: Thin Mints® vs 8: Girl Scout S’mores™ 

Winner: 1: Thin Mints®

4: Do-si-dos / Peanut Butter Sandwich® vs 5: Trefoils®

Winner: 5: Trefoils® IN AN UPSET!

3: Samoas® vs 6: Savannah Smiles®

Winner: 3: Samoas® 

2: Tagalongs® vs 7: Toffee-tastic™

Winner: 2: Tagalongs®

So our bracket is now set up for these matchups!

1: Thin Mints® vs 5: Trefoils / Shortbread ®

Can a shortbread cookie unseat the leader of the field? TIME WILL TELL!

2: Tagalongs® vs 3: Samoas / Caramel Delights® 

A tough matchup to be sure. Peanut Butter vs Caramel….not easy.

The Controversy

I am told by a reader (thanks Kim) that I did not include a complete list of cookies.

I can not, in good faith, vote on this for a few reasons. 1….you’re missing cookies from your list. 2… don’t even have my favorite cookie on your list! Hello….Lemonades! 3…you’re list is skewed because you have only listed cookies from one baker. The Girl Scout organization uses 2 different bakers which is the reason there are different cookies and different names.

So after accounting for cookies that just have different names (Do-Si-Do’s and PB Sandwich are not identical but close enough. Also the Girl Scout website groups them), we have two later entrants, Lemonades (tangy lemon-icing-topped shortbread cookies) and Thanks A Lot (Shortbread dipped in fudge with a thank you message in one of five languages).

These two cookies will face off in this round. The winner will face off in a three way battle against the 2 losers of this round. Finally, winning cookie of this consolation match will get a FINAL SHOWDOWN against the ultimate champion. Thus, the ultimate champion will have to have won a direct matchup against four other cookies.

The Voting

Play In: Thanks A Lot Vs Lemonades: 

1: Thin Mints® vs 5: Trefoils / Shortbread ®


2: Tagalongs® vs 3: Samoas / Caramel Delights® 


Sorry for having to use poll everywhere. It seems that the WordPress plug in is not working.


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