What’s the Rush?

Alyssa and I saw the new live action Beauty and the Best this past Friday. It really was incredibly well done and even filled in some plot holes from the original. What always surprises me about movies, though, is how much of a rush everyone seems to be in. The second the credits roll, everyone is rushing to the nearest exit. The first few credits were honestly beautiful and even in 3D. Why not sit in that recliner for a few more minutes?

Even as I type of feel like I am yelling these words at neighborhood kids from the comfort of my porch like a crotchety old man. But I am yelling at myself, too. I may not rush through movies but I rush too much. I spend most beautiful days in my car when I could leave earlier and take my bike. I allow myself to get frustrated by unnecessary traffic or other delays. I need to learn to slow down and enjoy the moments. I have a life that I honestly enjoy. I want to be sure I take the time to enjoy it and not always rush to the next thing, the next accomplishment, the next event, the next mountain. This of course introduces a whole topic of balancing hustle and rest, because we could all stand to work harder. However, I am at 200 words so that’s another post for another day.


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