My good friend Jason Fitch wrote about friendships this morning. It is really quite good and you should read it. It also got me thinking about the topic. I continued to think about the topic as i wrote my youth message this week on, you guessed it, friendships. The people we surround ourselves with have such a profound affect on the life we lead. If you spend your time around people who see themselves as a victim of their circumstance, it won’t be long until you feel like a victim of your circumstance. If you spend time around people who do a great job loving and caring for their spouse, you pick that up too. This is one of those things that is just true. It’s funny that Jason talked about this today because it brings me back to the effect that he and my youth pastor, Kevin Holt, had on me as a child and young adult. My father wasn’t in my life. There is no bitterness there but i never saw any type of married couple from which to draw a model for my own future. By opening their homes and openly talking about their strategies of leading Godly families, these men made me the husband I am today. I am thankful for that….but it never would have happened if not for friendships.


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