How do You All Plan a Day?

“I am pretty productive and get a good amount out of each day.” I feel that way until I read an article or a book on productivity and hear people say stuff that makes me wonder why I never thought of it. One article said that checking your email only twice a day and otherwise turning off notifications can be a game changer for continuous productivity. I tried that and it is so effective that I am mad that I used to let emails pull me out of more important tasks. A book I am currently listening to talks about the importance of having days planned out in detail. “Good planning prevents fires so you don’t have to put them out” he says. I haven’t had the chance to do a week long plan mapped out in 30 minute intervals but I bet it would help. 

Right now, I am a to do list user. I map out my most pressing task and work in order of importance. If something is a “5 minute or less” task, I do it immediately. I got this from David Allen’s Getting Things Done and it generally works great for me. 

So I ask you, internet, how do you plan and execute your days? I want to see if I can steal your tricks! 


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