I’ve Really Fallen Off. Here’s an Update

I will get back to blogging. I am serious about this idea of 5/week. Here’s what’s been up:

Gender of Baby: It’s a Girl

We found out that our baby is a girl! We will name her Eisley Ruth, which means Cheerful Companion. Name meanings have always been important to Alyssa and I. Ruth is also Alyssa’s grandmother’s name. We are happy to honor her in this way. 

We expect this will be our last child. This has led some people to ask “well don’t you want a boy?” My answer is no. I honestly wasn’t worried about my child’s gender. I’m not sure where that line of thinking comes from but I think it’s impossible to not be incredibly thankful that you have a healthy baby. 

Alyssa is in the hospital. 

Alyssa has been hospitalized for the third time in this pregnancy with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. You can read about it At helpher.org. Long story short: it is a rare pregnancy condition that causes constant vomitting. She gets dehydrated when she is throwing up but can’t hold down food or water and these hospitalizations are a result. We just spent our second night here and are expecting to be released today. Our hope is that we have this managed and this will be the last hospitalization. 

Auction: coming soon

Our church does a yearly youth auction and we are off and rolling. It helps us to raise money for our summer camp experience called Momentum. We have a great team this year and I am really excited about it! We even have an autographed Flyers Puck signed by Steve Mason. 

Masters in Theology: Almost done

Can. Not. Wait. 

That’s it for today. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow on social. 


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