About Twenty Years

What does it take to build faith that lasts in teenagers? How do I prevent my students from becoming one of the many who walk away from their faith in young adulthood? How do I create engaging environments for non-Christian students while still instilling “deep faith” in older students? These are the questions I have continually wrestled with in my time in youth ministry. If you also wrestle with these same questions or you are just a youth pastor looking for community, welcome.

My goal with “Twenty Years” is simple. I want to create something of a diary to document the journey from 27 to 47. I am not an expert. I likely won’t happen upon any new revelation into the mysteries of leading teenagers into growing relationships with Jesus. In spite of this, I will try to be honest while I process the triumphs and struggles of my life in ministry. I am doing this for my children and grandchildren. I want them to be able to have a day by day record of the life that mom and dad (or grandma and grandpa) lived as they built the life they know. I don’t know where this goes but I am looking forward to doing it.

About Me

I am a Christian, Husband, and father of two (one not yet born). I am currently completing my Masters of Arts in Theology at Regent University. I went to the University of Valley Forge (at that time Valley Forge Christian College) for my undergrad. I serve as Youth and Community Outreach Pastor at Grace Community Church of Willow Street in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. My wife and I are insanely happy here. Prior to GCC, I had the privilege of serving in Pittsburgh at Coraopolis Assembly of God and Southern New Jersey at Carney’s Point Assembly of God. All told, I have been in full time ministry since 2011. We currently use the Orange Curriculum in our youth environments and I attend the Orange Conference yearly (except 2016).  I play Madden pretty regularly and serve as an “EA Game Changer.” I tweet about that stuff here. I enjoy graphic design but I am very much an amateur.


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