Deoderant and Youth Min (together at last) 

A couple of years ago, I tried Tom’s Deoderant because I read an article about antiperspirant deoderant and became convinced that I was melting my brain. If you have used this deodorant, you know what happened. It didn’t work and, within a week, I was back to using Degree Antiperspirant. I will never try Tom’s […]

Being Neighborly is Contagious

Today, we got quite the snow storm here in Lancaster County. It snowed from about 8 PM – 12 PM. Alyssa being pregnant, I was flying solo in the shoveling department. About 3 shovelfuls into the operation, I began to look longingly at my neighbors with snow blowers. In my head, I wished that they […]

Time Change #Resist

This past Sunday, for no legitimate reason, 2 AM became 3 AM. This morning I discussed it with one of our office administrators: “You might think I’m late, but I don’t celebrate DST. Please respect my beliefs.” “(Laughs) So you are adjusting your hours?” “No. You all did, though.” This led to me imagining a […]

Twenty Years

I have always wanted to blog more. I have set out to do it several times before. First, when I was 19, I decided that the world needed to know all the things I knew about ministry. As you might imagine, I didn’t have many post and (to be honest) I was writing primarily to impress the pastors […]